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New anime: Popotan

Checked out the first episode of Popotan today. The description made me fear for the worst, and indeed in the first few scenes we get a naked girl with huge breasts.

But the episode picked up after that. We get a story of a boy who wants to make photographs of ghosts (the tales tell that the mansion on the hill is haunted), but instead runs into the three sisters and their android-with-an-attitude maid. The three sisters are pretty weird: they talk to dandelions ('Tanpopo', but they call 'em 'Popotan', which gives the series its name). They help him out and he visits them again.
The ecchiness is confined to a few bath scenes and is pretty unobtrusive. It's even rather tender at places, which is a nice change of pace: I've had my fill of breast-jokes for a few years to come. Character designs are pretty nice (the middle sister is cute) and the voice acting is good (most notable: the voice actress of Ai of Final Fantasy Unlimited plays almost the same character in this one).

I'll be interested to see how this one develops. I hope the fanservice doesn't intrude too much on the story.

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