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Finished book: Pattern Recognition

Today, I finished 'Pattern Recognition' by William Gibson. I'm a bit of a Gibson-fanboy: he is, after all, the man who opened up Cyberpunk as a genre for the mass market. I love cyberpunk, and thus any of Gibson's work warrants my attention.

Again, this book is very much Gibson: the speed of the prose is fast, very fast. With a few words, Gibson can evoke a certain feeling, or paint a certain picture. That's a rare talent, and he's very good at it. It works.
However, in the plot-department, this is also typically Gibson. On a macro level, it's very much like Neuromancer or Idoru -- though of course the details are very different. Lone individual with a special talent is hired by shadowy organisation to check out some phenomenon shrouded in secrecy and security, while s/he doesn't know what the real issues are, and who to trust. Especially the ending shares quite a few thematic similarities with Neuromancer.

I enjoyed the writing and the story. And I enjoyed it especially because the setting is the present time. It's much more accessible than, say, Virtual Light, or especially Neuromancer. This is cyberpunk your dad could enjoy -- and that's quite a feat.
If you haven't read anything by Gibson, this book might be a good start. If you like it, you can move on to Virtual Light, or, if you're feeling adventurous, to Neuromancer.

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