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Finished anime: Gunslinger Girl

We've finished watching Gunslinger Girl. First episode review is here.

This series plays out in Italy. A section of the secret service takes in young girls that have been mortally wounded, under the guise of the Corporation for Social Wellfare. These girls get cyborg bodies and are conditioned to be ruthless killers, loyal to the corporation in general and to their supervisor in particular. Because of their disguise of cute, young girls, they can access areas without attracting too much attention. And because of their cyborg bodies, they can survive pretty much anything except a direct hit in the eye.

Sort-of main character is Henrietta, who is taken in by José. She is fiercely protective of him (as we witnessed in the first episode), and together they accomplish quite a few missions. There are more 'fratello' though, and the beginning of the series gives each girl some airtime to explain where they came from, how they look at their new life and how their relationship with their supervisors are.
The supervisors are in a moral bind: on one hand they are using humans as tools for murder and various other types of mayhem. On the other hand, they have to care for their charges to a certain degree, because these girls have been conditioned to virtually worship their supervisors. This moral ambiguity plays quite a large role in the series, and that's quite nice.

The missions themselves are sometimes well-thought out. We also see various shady characters return in later episodes, even though the series is quite a bit episodic.
Design is good. It's not a high-budget series, but it's not sloppy at all. Backgrounds are detailed and the animation has been executed with care. Voice acting is good.

This is undoubtedly based on a manga, because there is very little closure. I guess the makers took a part of the manga and animated it. There is some sort of 'ending', but it's not as definitive as I would have liked.

Good points:
- Interesting and well-executed premisse;
- Quite authentic and original decor;
- Interesting missions;
- Good production values;
- Good music.
Bad points:
- No closure.

Overall, it's a 7.

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