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Geekfest: The boardgame edition

...was held at usmu's place: (part of) a renovated monastery in the centre of Culemborg -- and, incidentally, across the road from his parents' gallery. While he had expressed concern for accomodating the number of people who had pledged to come in his modest dwelling, things worked out really well with nary a hassle.

We arrived first (with ontheseams, who had reckoned on warmer weather but who warned me not to repeat the general sentiment of the first geekfest, wherein everybody had asked her multiple times whether she wasn't cold, wearing only her pruple velvet dress) and thus got the best seats. ;)
We had guessed that usmu would be a beer-drinker, and he enthousiastically confirmed our suspicions when presented with a bottle of 'Nieuw Ligt' from the Nijmegen city brewery.

Not too long after we had been installed, we spotted the rest of the group of geeks (flock of geeks? parliament of geeks? a murder of geeks?) out in the street and hailed them as the lost sheep they were threatening to become. Soon afterwards, the living room was filled with banter about various geeky (and some not-so-geeky) subjects. Coffee and tea was served in industrial quantities (dispensed from professional-looking thermoses), and we got to the order of the day: gaming.
klik explained the game of Cartagena to a captivated audience, when I spotted 'Family Business' in the case under the television. Family Business is a fun game about mob wars -- one side of the box is styled after a brick wall with lots of bullet holes in it: the ones at the top of the hit list are gunned down here! I did two games of this with ontheseams and fluffball, and both turned out to be more ruthless dons than I could ever hope to be.

Next was more banter, and more games, and more banter. I spent quite a lot of time talking with usmu -- we had only briefly spoken at the previous geekfest, over at halfnorn's place, and it was very nice to be able to exchange ideas on various geeky hobbies we share, and get some explanations on geeky hobbies we don't share. Also, I was mightily impressed with the art he had hanging on his walls -- but I guess that is to be expected from someone whose parents run a gallery across the road.

ontheseams had to leave early, and we walked her to the train station. As we had discovered the previous time a geekfest was held there, Culemborg is a very charming town. I'm pretty sure it's something else entirely if you live there -- but for the casual observer/visitor/tourist, the place has lots of authentic views and buildings to offer. I enjoyed the walk to the train station, and after we dropped off ontheseams, we went to the cafetaria where we had dinner. This proved to be an excellent opportunity to chat with fluffball about his Japan-obessions. We compared notes on the Japanese culture, and I think we all walked away knowing a bit more about Japan and its culture than before.
I also broke a tradition by not getting everybody an icecream. You see, the place had only italian ice cream, and I only treat people to soft-ice. Better luck next time, people! :D

Then it was back to usmu's, where we played a particularly dorky game (I even 'got' most of the references on the cards -- I have no life), after which I brought some people to the train station. When I got back, we started out with a game of Roborally, but we stopped because it had gotten quite late. During this time, I had the chance to speak with alypat some more -- I had never seen him in person, but he turned out to be quite a cool person. He is the newest addition to the friends list.

We were about to leave when we discovered that someone had forgotten their bag. Inspection of the contents pointed in the direction of fluffball, when the latter appeared at the window, all sweaty and out of breath. I will not repeat the story of his further mis-adventures that night, because it is available elsewhere.

In conclusion:
- Geeks are cool people;
- Not everybody present was a hard-core gamer, which was fine, actually;
- Chatting to people is nice;
- The more I get to know these people, the cooler they become.

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