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Two packages arrived today, filled with toys!

The first was from VOTI, and contained the oscillators and capacitators that I need to give the PICs a reliable clock signal. Yes, the 16F628A's have an internal oscillator, but those are too noisy to be reliable enough for, say, a clock. Our local electronics shop didn't have 4MHz crystals anymore, so I ordered 10 through VOTI. I also got a few EEPROMs (because they're cheap, and I might need a whole slew of 'em to store different programs on.
I browsed the aisles (so to speak) and happened across this alphanumeric LED display. I ordered 10 (so that makes 20 characters) -- not as many as greatbiggary got some time ago, but still...

In fact, I tried to order those displays from Goldmine Electronics, but for some reason they never saw fit to actually send my order. I contacted them via email, and got a form reply back, basically saying: "We're too busy to reply to your email, so you're fuxx0red. kthxbye!" They never saw fit to charge my credit card either, so I guess we're even.
Still, their deal was much better on the displays. :(

The other package was from ATRO computers. I had ordered 2 pieces of the Zalman Fanmate 1 from them, but apparently those aren't made anymore, so I got the Fanmate 2 instead. I'm going to use those to slow down the fans in the mini-computer, to make them more quiet.

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