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Yesterday we played the second session of MagicCaptors, my campaign loosely based on CardCaptor Sakura. I've used FUDGE, and the world is some sort of 'middle ages light'. Every player plays two characters: one MagicCaptor (a character capable of capturing the spells) and a sidekick of the MagicCaptor of another player. It worked out pretty well.

Jeroen plays Norbert, the son of a seamstress. His sidekick is Fix, the no-good son of a pawn-broker, played by Jan. Those two always get up to all sorts of mischief.
Ingeborg plays Aoi, a tomboyish girl who grew up at school (her father is a teacher). Her sidekick is Bertram, the son of a castle guard, a quiet but strong boy who always follows Aoi around.
Gina plays Yuko, who lives with her grandmother off in the woods. Her sidekick is Okashina, a girl who is at times too enthusiastic for anybody's good with a large extended family, played by Ingeborg.
Jan plays Nolan, the rich son of a counsellor of the King. His sidekick is Tamagochi, a rather sensitive boy, played by Gina.
(Yes, I know some of the names are atrocious, but hey...)

The idea is that even if their MagicCaptor is off-screen, the players can still participate in the game via their sidekicks. It worked nicely during the first session, but it really shone in this one.

During the first session, the MagicCaptors all got a mysterious note inviting them to come to the city cemetry for important news. Naturally, curiousity won out, and when they were all assembled at midnight, a strange old man came walking up to them. He told them that the court magician was about to die. His death would release all the spells he had under his control, leaving them free to run amok in the world. Only a few special individuals have the talent and ability to catch these spells. They all got a wand with a piece of crystal at the end, with which to catch the spells.
That was all the information the man had to offer, and with that he walked away.

The second session started off with everybody at school. During lunchtime there was an earthquake, the sky darkened and a loud cracking noise (like a thunderclap) was heard, coming from the direction of the royal castle. Of course our intrepid teenages went to investigate (taking advantage of the generally ensued panic amongst the other children to slip away from school) and they ended up on the large city square, in front of the castle. Lots of other citizens had gathered there to see what was up, but the castle guard kept them all at bay. Bertram spoke briefly with his father, but he didn't know anything either.
They all wanted to get into the castle, but there was no easy way to do so.

Aoi, Bertram, Nolan and Tamagochi went back to school in time for the calculus lesson (and to find another mysterious note saying 'It has begun'), but Norbert and Fix had decided to keep away from school and hang around the square to see what happened. Of course, nothing much happened (at least not until the castle guard started to evacuate the square), so they went to the market and swindled some poor fruits salesman out of some blueberries and amused themselves with using them to put stains in the clean washing of several washing women.
Yuko and Okashina went to an uncle of Okashina who is a butcher. They helped him out all day, and in return were allowed to accompany him during a delivery trip to the castle. They got 'lost', went to the kitchen and made it as far as the servants' dining hall before the uncle found them again and took them with him.

Aoi talked Nolan into trying to get his father give them an introduction to the castle, to get into the Royal Library. Of course, he couldn't do that on a moments' notice, but he promised to bring it up tomorrow. Norbert sort of tagged along, in the hopes of getting inside as well.

I had planned much further ahead, but everybody was still busy with their plans, so I just let them. It worked out pretty nicely, and I'm pleased with the developments so far. I GM by intuition and don't plan too far ahead. The world wasn't too developed at first, but it's starting to come together in my mind.
I really look forward to future developments.

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