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Last evening and part of the morning, I've learned Python. I wanted to make a script that automatically generates the index pages of anime reviews for my site. Upto now, I've edited those pages by hand -- which is all fine and dandy for the chronological list (just tack those reviews to the bottom of the table), but is a PITA for the alphabetical ordered list. Especially with the even/odd highlighting scheme I've chosen.

Normally, I would fix such a small script in Perl, but I got curious as to what all the fuss about Python was about. So it took me some time to get my head around the language...
I'm mildly pleased with the language: the syntax looks so much cleaner (Perl looks like line-noise!), and the language itself is pleasantly expressive. I don't know whether I will continue working in Python, but it's certainly added to the list of choices.

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