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MACH F: Day 8: DVD ROM front

As you know from the earlier pictures, the front of the Pioneer 120S is beige. And of course, that doesn't fit with the rest of the case! So a few days ago, we managed to pry the front loose from the drive (thereby breaking the two clips at the underside...). I already applied several layers of primer (from a spraycan), and monday I applied the black spray-paint. Yesterday evening, we re-attached the dust-cover and the indicator-LED...thing.

Top: Painted front of the 120S. Bottom: the plate that came with the case to cover the 5.25" slot. You see some slight discoloration on the front, but it's not too bad: it's pretty evenly painted.

Cover installed. This picture was made with a flashlight, but even on closer inspection I'm very pleased with the way it turned out.

DVD-ROM in use. This picture was made without flash, but I wanted to show that the light still worked as expected.

Very small mod, as modding goes, but very effective. I'm pleased with the result.
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