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MACH F: Day 7: Another harddisk

The harddisk had arrived, so was time to install it! As mentioned previously, we got a 30GB notebook harddrive and a 2.5" to 3.5" adapter bracket and connector.

In normal midi-tower cases, you have slits for the screws for the devices you place in 3.5" slots, so you can place the harddisk pretty much anywhere in the horizontal plane (either more to the front or more to the back of the case). The bracket anticipated this, by providing only small holes to fasten the screws. However, in the desktop case, there were only holes provided, no slits -- which isn't a problem if you have a 3.5" drive, but didn't work out in this case.

So, it was time for the glue-gun again!

The rails of the adapter glued into the harddisk bracket of the case. Notice how the holes in the sides don't line up with the holes in the bracket...

Fastening the drive itself to the bracket proved to be a bit of a problem, because we had to twiddle with screws through the holes in the bracket... In the end, we managed to fasten three screws -- good enough.

The disk installed. Note that the disk is up-side down -- this was also necessary to fit the connector-adaptor. This means two things:
- The hole that says "DO NOT COVER! OMFG, you're going to break the disk if you cover this! It's going to blow apart! AARGH!!11!!one" is not covered, which is good. For the record, this is to allow hot air to escape from the disk and to allow air back in once the disk cools off -- you don't want to operate your disks at higher or lower pressures than atmospheric pressures, apparently. I learned this tidbit from kees_s.
- The disk can't radiate its heat via the metal to the rest of the case, which is bad.

Complete with adapter bracket.

This was followed by another OS-install and an intensive session of Windows Update. I also re-installed some software (including MBM and DTemp). This evening, I ran some tests.
When idle, the CPU gets to be about 11 degrees above case temperature, at 41 degrees (with a case temperature of 30). When stressed (playing DivX full-screen at 800x600), this rises to 61 degrees. High, but not too high.
Disk temperatures range between 30 and 40 degrees -- so it does get hot, but this being a notebook harddisk, it's used to higher temperatures.

Still, the heatsinks on the north- and southbridge do get rather warm, and the various pieces of metal in the case get warm to the touch as well. Perhaps I do need a small exhaust fan after all -- I've ordered two Zalman Fanmate 2's, with which I can slow down (and thus quieten) any fan. I might use the Coolermaster fan we got for the 3.5" harddisk above the connector for the PSU stabilisor PCB, where the exhaust of the original PSU used to be -- just to generate a small cool breeze inside the case.
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