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Today we had the conclusion to the SF-scenarion Astrid had prepared for us. I turned out to have a lot more fun than the first time. For some reason, I could get into the story easier, or perhaps it was because I could make more of a difference.
In the end, we took control of the self-defence mechanisms of the alien ship, launched all fighter drones, tricked said fighter drones into regarding us as friendlies, let said fighter drones make short work of the scout-team from Kansas 5 (imagine a colony of gun-toting rednecks, where it is illegal to be black or Jewish and you're right on the money), and used the alien ship as a bargaining chip with the representatives of the Padmani colony (think of India with the caste system reinstated).
We got away pretty good: our indentured servitude on Eden (think Amish and Mormons) was paid off by an international consortium that would investigate the alien technology and got a little starting capital and citizenship too. Two of us became part of the research team for the ship, one of us retired to the Chinese countryside, and two of us (including me) got their starship-pilot-license and chose for a life on the road again.

It was fun, and I think I could have gone for another session of this.

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