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New anime

We've checked out a few first episodes of new anime series recently.

There was Agatha Christie's Great Detectives Poirot and Marple. It's basically some Marple and Poirot-mysteries set to anime. And that's just what it is: anime versions of those mystery-serials you saw on TV in the late 80's -- there's nothing new or refreshing about them.
Also, it is irritating that Christie 'cheats' by giving her characters more information than the reader, in this case the imprint of a jewellry box on the dust. There is no way you, the viewer, can follow the reasoning of the detectives or deduct the real culprit all by yourself.
It al just felt... bland.

There was 2x2 = Shinobuden. It's about a young girl who wants to become a ninja. Her master (a yellow ball with arms that looks suspiciously like her sidekick) gives her all kinds of weird missions to prove her worth as a ninja. The ninja-girl, Shinobu, meets Kaede when trying to steal her underwear...
Lots of 'hilarious' situations and tame fanservice, low production values. It's not even funny, though I kind-of liked the stop-motion ending sequence -- but perhaps that was because I was glad it was over.

There was Sweet Valerian. When the opening credits ran, I saw 'CLAMP', so I thought: "Oh goody! More CLAMP goodness!".
Well... The episodes are really short (3:30), the drawing style is rather stylised, and the story is infantile. It's about a superhero-group of three girls who turn into bunnies. Monsters threaten the inhabitants of the city they live in, causing lots of stress. But when the girls sense danger, they turn into bunnies and form... Relaxation Squad Valerian!
Uh... yeah. Major 'WTF!?' on this one.

And finally, there was the Daydream OVA. It's about a bondage queen who can see the spirits of the dead. No, really. And she keeps some kinds of supernatural snakes wrapped around her thighs that she can command to attack people. And she works for some government agency that investigates apparitions and hauntings.
She has to investigate a case of a haunting from a woman and her young daughter, where she meets the sister of said woman and the guy who (as it turns out) killed them. Various things happen, and in the end the spirits take revenge on the murderer.
OK, so this is an ugly series -- and it's even an OVA! Also, there's a lot of fanservice in this one: Misaki seems to have a preference for really small panties ("easier to move around in", as she says), and the writers have thought of various creative ways to show her in her underwear.
In the end, just not that interesting.

A bit dissapointing: from this crop, there's nothing that's really interesting.

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