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MACH F: Harddisk

I asked around whether people had a notebook harddisk lying around, but all of the drives offered to me were too small (a few MB's...). On the tweakers.net classifieds, people were offering 9GB and 30GB notebook harddisks for reasonable prices. However, when I talked with our sysadmin about it, he was suspicious. "ALWAYS have them format the disk with you present, because you don't know what might be wrong with it!", he said.

And that's true: you don't know about hidden defects until you actually see the drive in operation. And I would still need a 3.5" adapter bracket and IDE-adapter which I would need to order -- would I run the risk of getting a faulty drive for only 15 euros less?

Well, the answer is, of course, "No". So today I ordered a 30GB Fujitsu Hornet and the adapter bracket for just under EUR 100 total. OK, so it's not the fastest drive out there (4200 rpm and 2MB cache), but I will need it for media streaming and not lots of little seeks. It comes with a 3-year warranty, so that's a nice added bonus. It's rated at 24dbA, and uses only 2.30W when operating -- so it should be one cool drive!

It'll take 2 days to get here (according to the site), so I expect it thursday.

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