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Yesterday was international Sysadmin day. Our sysadmins had dropped not-so-subtle hints on our company's IRC channel (yes, we're so geeky that most of the internal communication is done via IRC), so we knew it was coming. The site they pointed us to also gave the opportunity to send pictures of your sysadmins to them.

Yesterday, some colleagues of mine had brought balloons and paper decorations and gave the door to the syadmin room a festive accent. They had also brought paper crowns (why, I don't know) and wanted to have a picture of the sysadmins wearing these. However, one of the sysadmins was away for an installation in a client's hosting farm, and the other one was not charmed by the idea... So my colleague had these paper crowns lying on his desk.
I had to help out a colleague, and when I returned, he said: "Oh, and don't forget there's this paper hat for you here as well!" So, this being friday afternoon and me being slightly silly, of course I wore it!

So, pictures were made. The URL to it was pasted on IRC. People expressed shock and horror. I was amused. klik made an icon.

My colleague had planned to send my pictures off to the site and say that I was the sysadmin, but unfortunately (for him) you couldn't send the pictures anymore.

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