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MACH F: Day 5

Today, we installed the fanless powersupply. We tripped the suppled PSU from the case and glued the PCB of the fanless PSU in it's place.

klik made short work of the PSU!

The case, sans PSU.

The stabilisor circuit board of the fanless PSU.

To make things easy for myself, I sawed a small piece of plywood, drilled small holes in the corners and glued risers in the holes. This allows me to fasten the PCB to the plywood, and to glue the plywood in place.

The trusty glue-gun at work...

...lots of glue. We chose to glue the plywood to the case, because the holes for the scres in the PCB don't line up with the holes for the screws that fasten the PSU to the case.

Placing the PCB on it's spot...

Apply a little pressure, and you're done!

The whole shebang re-installed.

Again, from another angle.

klik points out where the exhaust of the PSU used to be...

When I tried to do some temperature measurements, I noticed something disturbing: the harddisk started overheating, while the CPU was still at a cool 36 degrees... I installed DTemp and let the machine run without cover. And sure enough, temps rose from 26 to 40 degrees over time. I've since set a powersaving mode that will turn off the harddisk after 3 minutes, but that's not a real solution: I want to be able to play DivX and MP3 off the harddisk. Adding a fan defeats the purpose of having a fanless PSU. Perhaps a more creative placement of the drive will help, or perhaps I should get a cooler (and slower) laptop drive...
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