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MACH F, day 3

Ran a network cable to the switch and installed network. Did an intensive session of Windows Update.

And then there's the noise from the DVD-ROM... I installed CD-bremse, which lowers the rotation speed of optical drives and thus reduces the amount of noise they make. I was dissapointed to find that it didn't go lower than 14x -- still too loud.
I did some further research on the 120S. People on the silentpcreview.com Forums likened the sound to 'a 747 attempting an emergency stop'...
And so I thought I was hosed with my choic for a slot-in DVD-ROM. The Pioneer ones are pretty much the only slot-in DVD-ROMs currently on the market, and they're even hard to find!

So I posted a cry for help on same forum, and a helpful visitor directed me to a link on another forum -- the infamous Dangerous Brothers had hacked SPDWIN to recognize the 120S. So I downloaded it, and set the drive to 'Silent mode', which, according to the post, is 1x. Not fast enough if you want to copy vast amounts of data to the harddisk, but fast enough for playing DVDs. And we have the 100Mb/sec network for shoving data around anyway.
The drive produces a lot less noise now. I'm not sure it's silent enough, but it's hard to judge with the PSU-fan still running. Will check again when the fanless PSU is installed.

I tried to get the Remote Desktop feature working, but it seems that the firewall is determined not to cooperate. Will have to twiddle with the network settings, and try disabling the firewall altgether to see if it works then.

I also intend to do a burn-in test with SiSoft Sandra, to see what temperatures I get.
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