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MACH F: Day 2

I've decided to take breyten's suggestion and name the system 'MACH F'. I'll think of an acronym later. ;)

Anyway, WinXP Pro is installed, along with ffdshow (reportedly the best DivX/XVid codec on the M10000) and PowerDVD XP4.0 (reportedly the best DVD playback software that also supports the MPEG2-accelleration in the Nehemiah code of the CPU). Both kinds of video run very smooth, so that's good.

However, the DVD-ROM makes a dissapointing amount of noise when it's running (when, for instance, it's running a DVD). I need to determine what makes the noise and how to cancel most of it -- perhaps a tray-loading unit makes less noise.

Also, I think we have connected the power and HDD-LEDs the wrong way around, because they don't light up... That's easily fixable, though.
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