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Minicomputer, day 1: basic assembly

So, since the case (finally!) arrived, we could start building Fub's Amazing MiniComputer HTPC ('FAMCH' -- unless someone can come up with a better acronym?). We started off with the basic assembly: mobo, DVD-ROM and harddisk.

Here is the front of the case. Note the exposed 3.5" slot (where the track display will be visible) and the 5.25" slot, where the slot-in DVD-ROM will be placed.

Another reason I wanted to have a black case: It just goes better with our cat! ;)

The front-assembly for floppy and optical drive can be lifted and removed. Underneath is the holder for the harddisk. It's like some sort of transformer... Note also the intake-fan of the 200W power supply.

Here you see the HDD installed in the bracket. I still had a 40GB Seagate Baracuda IV lying around -- according to Silent PC Review it is one of the most silent drives around!

klik busy with installing the DVD-ROM in the bracket. Oddly enough, you fasten the drives at the bottom of the bracket. Works pretty good, though.

The motherboard installed. Note the small size! Also note how the CPU (the thing under the small fan on the lower right of the motherboard) is right next to the PSU intake fan.

Everything assembled. We had to use two IDE cables, because it was impossible to loop the cable from the harddisk to the DVD-ROM.

The bracket snapped into place.

The front as it is right now. Yes, the beige front is really ugly and mismatched, I'll be spray-painting it black in the future.

I wanted to have the basic installation done, so that it will be easier to debug something if something were wrong. Later on, I will exchange the internal PSU for a fanless one. And when I get my 'smoke'-colored plexiglass 3.5" baywindow, I'll install the serial card and build the track display and infrared receiver.
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