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Another weekend past...

Saturday, we travelled all the way to Beverwijk, where most of klik's family lives. First on the program was a visit to her aunt (Judith's mother), who had had her birthday the past week. klik had made a post about Judith on her Journal and had sent the URL of the post to her uncle and aunt. She had mentioned that I was 'fub'. And she got a mail back, saying that they were amused by the report!
Anyway, we arrived, gave the flowers we got for her, were seated in the backyard and supplied with tea and chocolate-chip cookies, and uncle Henk (80% of the male members of my inlaws are called 'Henk', to make matters confusing) said: "So, that's a 'fub'"? Then we had to explain to him how usernames on LiveJournal worked, and how I got my nickname. Amusing to explain something very online to people who live mostly offline.

Then we went to klik's grandmother where we met with the rest of the family of that side. They had made arrangements for a dinner somewhere ('De Dirigent', nice enough place with very decent food!). klik's sister had gotten a budget DVD player as a birthday present (it's her birthday right now, in fact), and for some reason she insisted I take it home to check that it's region free (where she is going to get R1 discs, I don't know) and which type of rewritables work on it. Haven't gotten around to doing that, though.

Dinner was nice enough, but it's a bit disheartening to see how people always follow the old patterns: a lot of things have happened between these people and they always want the best for eachother. But there's a lot of frustration, a lot of history of misunderstandings, a lot of 'filling in' for the other... Let's just say that I was glad we could leave when we did (also because we were both pretty tired at that point).

Sunday we slept in, and then we went to see Spiderman II. After the festivities of the past week, the city centre was eerily quiet. There were some people out and about, and some were walking rather awkwardly. Makes you wonder whether they did the four day's marches or whether they always have trouble walking...
Anyway, the movie. I liked it a lot: again there was a strong theme, and we were shown what it actually meant to be a superhero. OK, there was a lot of action scenes and lots of carnage, but inbetween there was lots of room to show Peter wrestling with his motivations and purpose in life. Next to the theme of responsibility (which we already saw in the first movie), there was another theme: choice. Peter could choose to be a superhero, or not. In the end, he makes a conscious choice to be the hero he could be.
I also totally digged Doctor Octavius. His motivations (and those of his tentacles) were believable too: the tentacles were made for a specific purpose, and they want to fulfill that purpose -- like any good tool. To that end, they manipulate Doc Oc to do their bidding, protecting and nurturting him because he is their creator and master.
There's one thing that puzzles me though: does Aunt May know Peter is really Spiderman? Because she seemed to, when they had a little talk in her backyard when she was moving out.
And I also felt sorry for the daughter of Peter's landlord. It's obvious that she is totally smitten with Peter, but she is soooo clumsy...
Oh, and Kirsten Dunst? Next time you wear a light summer dress, please wear a bra.

After that, we did a bit of a tour around Nijmegen, to see places we normally never visit -- to see whether we would consider buying a house in that neighbourhood. Yes, we're picky, but we can afford to!

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