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Pinch me, I must be dreaming!

I checked the DPD Track&Trace site before going to the office today. Techcase had sent my package (containing the long-awaited case) on Friday afternoon, so I had my tracking number since. Just to satisfy my idle curiosity, I checked the site, and saw that the package had arrived at my 'local' depot and had gone 'in delivery' at 08:02 today.
So I took the car to work today: you never know, people might actually do what they're supposed to do, but I had decided I wasn't going to hold my breath... Once again, I told our receptionist my little 'DPD package delivery'-tale, and she promised me to take care of it.

I just came back from lunch, and I found a mail from the reception: the package was actually delivered! I collected it and opened it, just to be sure, and it is the right case!

The saddest thing is, that I'm very, very happy about something that should have gone right in the first place. Anyway, expect lots of hardware-tweaking pictures in this Journal within the next few days. ;)

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