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Four days of marches

Today was the last day of the world-reknowned four day's marches in Nijmegen. That last day is the most festive, because lots of people come to Nijmegen to cheer the walkers on for the last few kilometers down the St Annastraat, aptly christened 'Via Gladiola' for that one day. You see, gladiolus are quite cheap in july -- but they're quite heavy, so it's a mixed blessing for the walkers to receive lots of flowers!
The friday is, traditionally, a compulsory day off at work -- all week, there were suspiciously few people present as well. Only two of my colleagues walked the marches, the rest drank lots of beers in the park! So, early on in the life of the company, there were too few people on friday to make it worthwhile to keep the office open, so it became a compulsory day off. It's always fun to explain to customers that the company finds it more important to stand on the side of the road drinking beer than solving their problems with their website -- because the helpdesk is closed too, of course!

Anyway, klik had to work normally, so we got up at a reasonable time. I cycled on the homotrainer again (it's been a while), had a refreshing shower and did the shopping and the dishes. By 13:00, I had finished with my chores and could devote my time on fixing the AnimeNfo toolbar. I also tried to wrap my head around XUL, the UI-extension 'language' for Firefox, but that amounted to nothing in the end.
By 18:30, klik had returned and we had dinner -- Judith had already finished and was having dinner in the town center. Just after dinner, jangerben dropped by too. Then Judith and her boyfriend came around to collect her stuff -- she was dead tired, and she wanted to go home, which I totally understand. Erik, her boyfriend, works at Philips, he writes the embedded software for LCD-TV's. So I had to show him the binary LED clock and the RGB-LED circuit, and he was impressed. Pretty cool that someone who does stuff like that for his job, likes what I make. And apparently they still use I2C as bus between the different chips in the TVs.

Shortly after they left, klik and jangerben left for the town center as well. I don't like places that are too crowded -- all you really do is walk around in search of a place with good music and fun people. I think I'm too much of a misantrope to actually enjoy that.

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