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Breaking the habit

The Linkin Park song 'Breaking the Habit' is stuck in my head quite often these days. The song features a particularly good synthesizer-bass-loop. My feeling for rythm is much better developed than my feeling for tone, as anyone who has ever heard me sing (a SAN-blasting experience in it's own right) can verify -- so I tend to pick up on stuff like that.

The accompanying videoclip is also very interesting: it's an animated mini-movie with a semi-realistic style -- the ending bit is LP performing the song on the roof of some high building (not that interesting), but the starting bit is a dark, urban tale with some really interesting character designs. It just oozes 'Japanese animation studio'.
So, being the geek that I am, I wanted to know which studio animated the piece. I had assumed that it was Madhouse, based on the animation and designs which are similar to some pieces Madhouse did for The Animatrix. (Which, incidentally, are totally different from the stuff I knew them from. "So this is made by the people who animate CardCaptor Sakura!?")

An intensive session of Googling turned up this page that talked about Production I.G. -- probably based on the director of the videoclip, who works a lot with I.G. Production I.G. is most known for Ghost in the Shell, and there are some similarities with the 'dark urban'-theme going on.

But this post on a UK anime forum pinpoints Gonzo as the studio behind the clip -- and indeed, their site lists the videoclip as one of their works.
Gonzo!? WTF? These are the people who make very clean and clear drawings -- even in their 'realistic' style (like Samurai 7 or Last Exile) there is not a sketchline in sight. But it seems LP's DJ Joe Hahn designed the video (according to this page) -- it seems the LP guys do most of their visual design themselves, so the studio just copied their sketchy designs and went to town with it.

1-0 for curiosity, I guess. Now I know more about Linkin Park than I wanted to.

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