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Pretty colors!

I modified my PWM cycle software a bit. At first, I had three variables and cycled them through their seven values. However, when the values got low, the visible light decreased as well. Then I realised, that the color you get when the values are all 7, is essentially the same color as when all values are, say, 2 -- only less bright. I lied to myself when I said I had 7 * 7 * 7 = 343 different colors!

So now, I have one color always set to the maximum: that one is always on at maximum brightness. The other two can be looped through normally. So, I have 3 * 7 * 7 - 2 (because the 7,7,7 light occurs three times!) = 145 different colors. Not spectacular, but good enough.

Friday I have the day off (compulsory day off at the office, because of the end of the four day's marches here in Nijmegen), I might make a small plexiglass plate to mount the RGB-LED behind, so that I can make pictures of the different colors.

If someone is interested in the code, give me a holler and I'll post it somewhere!

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