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Almost forgot: we've also watched Sokyu No Fafner. It's Neon Genesis Evangelion (and RahXephon) all over again. An island is attacked by a mysterious attacker (from outer space?) that can fire 'vacuum balls'. Lots of cool automated defenses spring up all over the city (only to be bombed out of existence by the attacker). Only one thing can stop the mysterious assailant: Fafner, a giant mecha that lies dormant under the island! And only one person is left who can pilot it, a confused teenage boy!
OK, so we've seen this three times already. Still, the Norse mythological themes is pretty amusing. "We named this mecha after Fafner, a giant who turned himself into a dragon to protect his treasure!" Sure -- but did you also know that said giant killed his father first to gain possession of the treasure in the first place? And the ground-control unit is called the 'Sigurd unit'... Right.

It might prove to be an amusing series, perhaps the Norse mythology will play a role in the plot.

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