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Finished series: Da Capo

We've finished Da Capo today. My first-episode-review is here.

It's a bishoujo series, based on an H-game. You know the type -- though this one has only few panty- and service-shots, and there's no nudity. The worst that happens is that a boy and a girl kiss (though there's quite some suggestive stuff around, if you have a dirty mind like I do).

Main character is Asakura Juunichi. He lives together with his younger sister Nemu on an island where the cherry trees blossom perpetually. They are in their last year of middle school, and they are surrounded by their (mostly female, this is a bishoujo series) friends.
The first part of the series shows Juunichi's daily life: how he deals with his friends, what he does in his free time etc. There are various amusing (and sometimes downright fabricated) occurrences that get resolved one way or the other.
As with Sister Princess, the main male character is kind, but non-committal, to his friends. He doesn't seem very special, so why the school idol would fall for him is a bit of a mystery...

The second part, however, is much darker. You see, Yoshino Sakura, Juunichi's cousin, has returned from America. She has the hots for Juunich, ever since they were kids. But she has a rival in Nemu, who is Juunichi's adoptive sister! They're not related by blood, so there's no icky incest-issues, though their classmates think they're twins.
At a certain point, Nemu and Juunichi choose for eachother, leaving Sakura empty-handed. Then the secret of the ever-blooming sakura is revealed: her grandmother was a magician and planted that tree to protect Sakura. It grants the wishes of people -- that's why Kotori can read people's minds, that's why Miharu-robot has the memories of the real Miharu, that's why Juunichi can see other people's dreams, that's why Yoriko turned into a girl.

First and foremost, the cherry tree grants Sakura's wishes. And when she starts to see Nemu as a rival that needs to dissapear, all sorts of interesting things happen... We get a nice trip down the deep, dark recesses of the love-struck teenage mind.

Then there are the 'side episodes': short stories that showcase a particular character. A strange cat-man figures in these short pieces, and we get some backstory about the island as well.

Good things:
- Bishoujo series!
- The music is very, very good. Quiet piano numbers that are used to great effect.
- Side stories are beautifully animated and weird/interesting.
- Second part has good story-telling.
- Character designs are appealing.
Bad things:
- First part is kind-of plain and boring.
- Some situations are very 'fabricated' and feel fake.

I'll give it a 7, mostly based on the second part of the series -- the first part is nothing special and would get a mere 5.5 if it stood by itself.

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