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Revenge of the Son of the Curse

How hard can it be?
Illiterate Techcase guys,
Alphabet troubles

OK, so this morning I popped out of the office around 10:15 to collect my package from the caretaker's office that's open between 10:00 and 11:00. When I arrived there, they told me that they have a rule against taking mail for residents -- and that makes perfect sense to me: if something goes wrong, it'll all be a big mess. But in this case, they did take the package. When I told them the whole history of the delivery, they were astounded by the incompetence.

Anyway, I get inside and open up the package. Lo and behold: IT IS THE WRONG GODDAMNED CASE!

Instead of the AOpen H340A, I got the AOpen H340H! There is a green, oversized 'H' on the sticker on the cardboard box that the case comes in -- only if you're completely illiterate or if you squint really badly can you make an 'A' out of it.
The -H isn't an ugly case, but I selected a black case to go with our stereo set. Also, I didn't go through all that trouble to get a slot-in DVD-ROM to have the 5.25" slot being hid away behind a click-open thing. I am picky as to what components I use for my projects!

When I said there was a curse on this project, I meant it as a joke. Now I'm actually starting to believe it.

So I sent off another mail to Techcase, to complain. I also wrote that I was getting very, very tired of all this. Haven't heard from them yet -- and neither from the DPD in response to my complaint. Something tells me this is going to take another week.

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