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DPD woes -- again

DPD mailman,
What have you done with my stuff?
When will I get it?

As mentioned in my previous entry on the subject, I am not very impressed with the service I received from the DPD so far. Today I instructed the reception-ladies at work to expect a delivery of the DPD, again.

But as the day progressed, no notification of a received package. At the end of the day: no package. To say I was slightly miffed at the whole situation is a gross understatement.
When I got home, I found another paper slip in the mailbox: the DPD had come by for the third time, and now the stuff was parked at the caretaker's office -- that's a pain, because it'll be Thursday before klik can go over there and collect it.

However, even though I had my stuff (sort of), I was still pissed, and I wanted an explanation. Clearly something went wrong, and I wanted the DPD to know that -- if they know where things go wrong, they can fix it for future deliveries.
So I called -- again. The phone was answered by Wilma of Geopost (the Dutch sub-licensor of the DPD, apparently). I had also talked to her on friday, when I called in the first time to change the adress. I gave her the package number and started my litany, but she said that it had been marked as delivered on friday! And since the delivery had been made, they could not change the adress (which kind of makes sense, doesn't it?).

When I asked her how I got these three paper slips then, she was silent for a bit. I told her the whole thing from my viewpoint. Wilma then said that she was very sorry for how this had gone wrong, and that clearly the regulations had not been followed. She took down the number of my mobile phone, and promised me that she would ask the transport department to look into this issue.
They will call me with an explanation of what has exactly happened, after talking things through with the chauffeur.

I'm pretty pleased with the way I handled it. I've got my stuff (sort of). I have had a civil conversation with Wilma (no shouting or swearing), because it clearly isn't her fault. And I do hope that the chauffeur will get a swift and hard kick in the nuts.

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