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Noorder Dierenpark

Interesting stuff
Where are the live animals?
Exhibits abound

We went to the Noorder Dierenpark in Emmen on Sunday with exar, "his girl" and jangerben. We rounded them up at 09:00 -- they said they felt like little kids on a trip with mom and dad, and acted accordingly. Luckily, after we were well underway, the pestering subsided a bit.

We located the zoo without any trouble, parked the car and bought tickets. The zoo is divided into two parts: the old part in the city centre of Emmen, and the new part, where we had arrived. The two parts are connected via a walkway.
But first, the new part. There were only two large animal habitats there: penguins and llama's. Then there was the whole water-themed exhibition area. That was quite interesting (and the turtles and the blue-point jellyfish were cool), but it had very little to do with the animals themselves. I think that's part of the evolution of zoos: no-body gets excited about animals in a cage anymore. So the zoos re-created their living environments in smaller areas, placing several different species of animals together. This gives a much more natural view, and shows the animals fairly relaxed. But the trend went on: now, we get whole ecological exhibits, explaining the importance of clean water, of how water animals live, how life on earth began, and so forth.

Two cool items: "The Living Machine", a biological water-cleaning installation which you can walk through, observing each step. And the exhibits where you can play around with earthquakes, tornados and stuff like that: they got recreated on a smaller scale which you could manipulate (via knobs and handles, but sometimes also with your hands!).
However, those things didn't have a single live animal on display -- and that's for a zoo!

Then we went to the old part, with a quick stop for lunch in cafe "Moby Dick". The old part had a few highlights, like the butterfly garden (including hummingbirds, but it was a bit too hot and moist for my tastes so I left early) and the sharks. There were also cat-like predators near the panthers who were really relaxed, but I forgot their names and I can't find 'em on the maps...

We were exhausted when we left at 17:00. We had dinner at the AC at Apeldoorn, which was reasonably good. We got home at 20:00, and collapsed in front of our computers...

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