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It's an evil spell
Keeps hardware away from me
Oh, how I suffer!

There must be a curse on the mini-computer that keeps me from acquiring all the needed parts. Friday, I found a note in the mailbox that the DPD-guy had tried to drop off the package with the computer case. Why Techcase had to wait until thursday to send their package, I don't know. It could have been so easy on Thursday: the DPD-guy collects the PSU, I get the computer case. But nooo, that would have been efficient!

The DPD doesn't do deliveries on Saturday, so on monday he would try again. So I called the DPD and asked them to change the adress to that of my work -- only two streets away (long streets, but still two streets. And he comes all the way from Ede, so there's not much difference for him). The friendly lady noted down all the needed information (including telephone number), and promised me the driver would bring the package there on monday.

Today, I went to work by car, because I expected the package. I instructed our receptionists to just sign off for the package and notify me: the delivery would be between 12:00 and 14:00, as noted on the paper slip.
When I checked at 16:00, there had been no delivery. When I got home, there was another paper slip in the mailbox: the driver went to the original adress!
So I called the DPD again. Again, I got a friendly person who changed the adress. He could immediately see that the driver hadn't taken the new adress with him, but he would change the adress as soon as the driver would come in from his tour.

Geez, people, how hard can it be? The frustrations and irritations are starting to add up. Everything that can go wrong with your average internet ordering, went wrong -- except for the payment.

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