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New anime

Watched the first episode of two new anime series (well, new to us at least).

First up was Guardian Hearts. Apparently it's about a guardian spirit who comes to earth to protect it against the Shadow. She assumes a human form, but it's an unwritten rule that the Guarts (as they are called) must not reveal their true identity to the inhabitants of the world they protect.
Unfortunately, Kazuya sees Hina descending, and his mother forces him to take her home. Hina's secret is safe for now.
But Hina isn't the only one living with Kazuya: somehow he managed to pick up three other magical girls, each with their own wacky magical power. They don't know Hina is a Guarts, which is good: Hina defeated them in her Guarts form, and the others want revenge!

This series felt completely random. Characters are introduced later in the episodes and there is a lot of random stuff going on. Hard to describe. If you like fast furious random fun and don't mind seeing lots of breasts and underpants, this is for you.

Next was Da Capo. Beautiful character designs, beautiful backgrounds. It felt a lot like Sister Princess, but less tame. The main character is less of a softy than in SiPri and the girls are a bit less subservient and more strong-willed.
I liked it a lot (but then again, it's a known fact that I am a sucker for bishoujo series), and I'm really interested in how it develops. The only point of criticism I have is that the makers resorted to the old and tired plot of 'girl comes back after X years to fulfill her promise to a boy, who had forgotten all about it'. But at least they do it beautifully. ;)

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