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The weekend was fun, if a bit tiring. Luckily we have the next week off, so we can catch our breath for a bit.

Friday evening, we went to my parents. We had a nice evening just lounging about -- and my morse-sending circuit amused my dad. The next morning, we had breakfast at 10:00, after which we went to Josien's 'stekjesfeest', that klik wrote about here. The weather was quite bad: very windy with some fierce showers followed by blue skies and much sunshine. Keeping the car on the road was tiring, so when we got back home we were both very tired.
We did make a short trip to the windmill for bread-mixes and to the Gamma -- I bought a plate of 2mm thick plexiglass and a roll of glass-covering. I intend to make covers for the RGB-LEDs of those things. It remains to be seen how large I can get them with an even spread of the light.

That evening, we watched Wings of Honneamise. I never knew it was the first Gainax movie, that was quite a surprise. I'm a bit ambivalent towards the movie: the backgrounds and mechanical designs are lush and detailed, the character designs are dated (to today's standards) and the story plods on and on and on. Only the bit before the actual launch got me on the tip of my seat, but the first part seemed... bland and lacking spirit.

I also wanted to build the two-serial port card into my machine (I have only one serial port on the motherboard, and I have lots and lots of peripherals that connect to the RS232 port (not least of all my own electronics!)). I also built in the 120S DVD-player, to flash its EEPROM in a region-free state.
When I opened the case, I saw why the fans had been making more and more noise: dust. The spot under my desk isn't the cleanest of the whole house, and the three fans (CPU, case and PSU) such in quite a bit of dust! The dust had gotten in the CPU cooling block -- this dimishes the heat radiation of the heatsink, so the fan had to adapt by blowing faster and faster. I had to disconnect the whole cooling assembly to properly clean it -- and the CPU had gotten stuck on the copper cooling block. We had to pry the CPU off the block again in order to properly reconnect it, somehow 'breaking' the cooling paste from the CPU. Now it's all back together, but the CPU temp is rather high with high fan speeds (36C with fan speed of 3426 RPM). I intend to get a tube of cooling paste soon -- noisy fans really irritate me. That's why I ordered a Zalman 7000AlCu CPU cooler, according to Silent PC Review it has the best noise/performance ratio for cooling the hottest Intel CPUs (at the time of writing of that article, that was the 3.0GHz -- exactly what I have in my machine).

Today, we spent the better part of the day cleaning the house. We had neglected our housekeeping duties, so it was time to vacuum the carpet, wash the dishes and various other assorted cleaning duties. Around 16:00, friends of ours came over to test the bread produced by the bread-baking machine and to watch the photo's from our honeymoon in Japan. It got quite late (when talking about that trip to Japan, I tend to ramble on and on), but it was nice to talk to them again.

Now, I'm tired.

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