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I've become addicted to inkoopacties.net! There are a lot of cool products out there, but shipping makes 'em prohibitively expensive. But, if you gather a lot of people to buy something in bulk, then most shops will give you some sort of discount. Also, because the shipping of the products goes in bulk, getting the stuff in the Netherlands is actually cheaper -- and within the Netherlands, we can get by with the cheaper inland mail rates.

Today, the two Packard Bell PC Remotes I ordered through inkoopacties.net arrived. They work with WinLirc, so I can control every WinLirc-capable program with them (like, for instance, BsPlayer) -- and I can use 'em to control my own programs because there are coding examples provided.

Another success were the LEDs I ordered. Those arrived two days ago: 50 blue and 50 red LEDs (very, very bright!), 50 normal red LEDs and 8 RGB LEDs. Especially the RGB LEDs are cool: it's actually three LEDs in one package: one red, one blue and one green. By supplying a varying voltage to the three separate LEDs, you can create lots of different colors! I intend to hook 'em up to a PIC, so that I can make programmable patterns...

There are some other inkoopacties that I participate in, most for tweaker's stuff that I can use for the HTPC of my own design.

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