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Wow, what with one thing and another, I haven’t posted on here in a month! Time to give a short update on what’s been happening.

Vacation. We had our annual trip to Texel just at the end of September. A bit earlier in the year than we previously went, but the weather was noticeably better. More tourists too, so it was busier, but that didn’t really affect us that much. We walked a lot, it was lovely to explore the National Park ‘The Dunes of Texel’, either by revisiting old favourites or finding new spots.
Corona. Vaccination numbers are slowly creeping upwards, which is good news. Now the rules are that if an event is not ‘placed’, then you need to show evidence that you’re either fully vaccinated or have done a negative test within the last 48 hours. There’s an app for that, which I had to help my parents with — though it’s also possible to get the codes on paper. It’s mostly in cafes, restaurants and places like live concerts where people are close together. Of course, the covidiots are out in force to protest this — but for a lot of people it’s been the final push to get their shots, which I think is good. The rules went into force when we were at Texel, and it was quite the mess. I’m tired of the people trying to do the right thing having to bear the burden of irresponsible people who refuse to get the vaccine…
Apples. Last Saturday we went for our annual apple picking expedition. And, like every year, we got too much…
Work. My employer has mandated that every team has to come to the office for one day per week. I am not a fan — at the office it is as if the pandemic is completely over. The main motivator seems to be that they want people in the office — the mails we get about it are about how they love seeing people in the office again, not about what it means for those people or for their work. Last Monday was the first time, which of course caused quite a bit of confusion. I baked two apple pies for my colleagues, though there was also cake from the company to celebrate. So tomorrow I’m going again, and I plan to bring macarons.
RPGs. I started off my Nobilis campaign! We had a good ‘session zero’ where we created characters and the Chancel. We didn’t get to do the Imperator creation (which is also supposed to be a communal effort), but I made a proposal that was accepted. We’re now two sessions in, and the third is next week. The group is finally going to meet some other Nobles, and I’m both excited (because I think it’ll be fun!) and apprehensive (I need to keep it interesting to a group of five quite different people!). If you’re interested, you can find my write-up of session zero here, the first session here and the second session here.

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