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Friday Five

What’s your favorite color this week?
Judging by the colour of the T-shirts I wore, black. Same as any other week! 🙂

What job would be very unsuitable for you?
I did a ‘career & studies test’ when I was 14. The clearest result that came out of it was that I am not suited for ‘caring’ jobs, like nurse. I have to agree — and it hasn’t changed in the 34 years since.

What’s your favorite Olympic sport?
Something individual, obscure and very technical, like shooting. Did you see that photo of the sharpshooter who got the gold medal? It looks like she’s pausing during a stroll in the park, but this is what peak performance looks like in that sport. Notice the customization of her pistol handle — are those stamps? And she had a medallion from the Witcher books & video games on her pocket too. I love stuff like that.

Have you ever found yourself stuck out in the rain?
Yup. In summer, you can get really fierce bursts of rain (often with thunder!) here that seemingly come out of nowhere…

What does the tooth fairy do with our teeth?
You know how the evil guys collect the dirty nails of the dead to build their ship Naglfar, which will be used to ferry monsters to Asgard when Ragnarok comes? My assumption is that all of our teeth are collected by the tooth fairies, in order to construct a giant tooth-mecha to battle against those monsters.

Tomorrow, it’s the start of the annual RPG-a-day! I intend to follow along, as usual — brace yourselves.

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