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I guess a Friday Five is better than nothing.

1) What’s the best customer service experience you’ve ever had?
Being loaded up in the car of the innkeeper at Aso at 6 AM so that she could drive us around for the next three hours so we could get some views because there was such a dense fog the day before. That ranks pretty high.

2) What’s a very reliable item that you own?
I have some metal utility knives from Stanley that are pretty darn comfortable to use. We use the big one for board and tough papers, and the smaller one for paper (and packages). If they get even a tiny bit dull, we break off the top part of the knife to get another sharp edge.

3) What’s something that wore out, but you replaced it with the same thing?
When we renovated our extension (where our living room is), it was time to replace the four 80cm wide white Ikea bookcases with something else. We honestly looked at alternatives, but everything either did not meet our specifications or was overly expensive. So we replaced them with eight 40cm wide Ikea bookcases in oak foil. Best price/quality ratio.

4) Have you ever left an online review of something you bought?
Yes. I don’t bother much these days, unless is way above or below expectation.

5) What’s a book you’ve read more than once?
Probably The Lord of the Rings. It really holds up well with repeat reading, because you (re)discover details of the story with every new reading.

In other news, last Monday we had the two double doors in the back of the house replaced. While very decorative, we only used one of the doors, and they were of low quality. Yes, they had double glazing, but that doesn’t really help if there are cracks in between them — it was a full 1 degree colder in the living room. Now we have the same type of glazing as we do at the front of the house, and the house is so much more comfortable! Quite the investment, but worth it.

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