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Sunday Five

1. Are you crafty?
I like to think I am — I’m good enough at bookbinding to get paid for it.

2. Do you own a sewing machine and what brand is it? If you don’t sew, do you own a glue gun?
I don’t sew, but we do have a sewing machine and a lock machine. And of course we have a glue gun! I don’t regularly use it, though.

3. What is the bane of your sewing/crafting existence? I mean, is it button holes, zippers, or something else?
When applying glue to paper in order to paste it on a cover, the moisture from the glue can make the paper curl up. That’s always a stressful moment. Another one is to glue the book block (the pages) into the cover with end papers. You will only find out how well it went a day after — by which time it’ll be too late to repair any mistakes.

4. When and how did you learn to sew or craft?
I found that I was mostly living ‘in my head’ — in my work I’m always doing abstract stuff, and my hobbies were all abstracted too (gaming, reading, etc). So I wanted to do something that actually produced something. I don’t remember why I set my sights on bookbinding — I might have seen an ad for a course here in the city, and decided that I’d like to try it. I did three courses with that teacher and also did a few one-off workshops. Now I’m pretty sure I can reproduce a binding from the description.

5. What do you consider your sewing/crafting opus or is it still a work in progress?
There are a few things I’m really pleased with. If I have to choose one thing, then it would be the box to hold my pins, because I designed it by myself. Now my collection has vastly outgrown that box, but the concept was pretty solid.

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