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AnimeNfo Toolbar

If you've been keeping track of my anime reviews, you've noticed I always link to AnimeNfo.com for descriptions of the anime. The info on that site is extensive: descriptions of the anime, a list of characters (sometimes with portrait), which voice actor did which character, and even who did the character designs for the later additions to the site.
And if you're like me, you don't want to go through the motions to find that one anime you want info on. So I've written an Internet Explorer toolbar for AnimeNfo. It lives in your IE, and you can initiate a search in AnimeNfo from within the toolbar (just like the Google toolbar, really).

I've made the setup file available here. Pretty small footprint, you can remove it via Add/Remove Programs, but do shut down IE before installing or de-installing. If it's not visible right away, you can check it via View | Toolbars in your IE menu.

If you like it, let me know. If you have any feature requests, let me know and I might put it in.

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