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The Forest Shrine released!

In the early stages of 2020, I released my scenario The Secret of Cedar Peak, a scenario for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. I had a sequel in the works throughout the year, but with everything going on, I just wasn’t in the right mindspace to write. But after playing through it with both my local group and the group of (now former) colleagues, I somehow became “unstuck” these past few weeks. I’ve done a lot of work tightening up the text, mostly based on the recommendation from two feedback readers.
On Thursday evening, while Klik was working (streaming her meditation lesson from our bedroom…) I put the final touches to the PDF, made sure it was all bookmarked correctly and created a black-and-white high contrast version that also uses the Atkins Hyper Legible font for readers with visibility issues. Today, I uploaded to Itch and released The Forest Shrine, my second scenario! I also made a bundle with the two scenarios, with the first one at 50% off. I called it the Kingshold Bundle, since that’s the name of the city that is the starting point for both scenarios.
It’s a sequel to Cedar Peak. I have some ideas for a third scenario and my two groups would be more than willing to play through that. But first, as some kind of proof-of-concept, I want to see if I can write a variant of Cedar Peak that is totally non-violent. D&D has violence as one of its core values, and I have gotten a bit bored of it. I want to see if I can take the same concept in a different direction. It wouldn’t work for D&D, but it could work really well for Ryuutama.

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