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The Scrubshrub Cloak

Late last year, I created a twitter account for my RPG publishing side-gig. I released the module very early in January, and I thought I’d start following other accounts in the RPG sphere there to see what they were up to. One of the accounts that popped up was DungeonTeller, a DM-for-hire who had resolved to post a magic item every day for 2020. A herculean task, to be sure, and that was even before the pandemic hit everywhere.
The magic items they posted were interesting and showed details of their game world. Some were silly, some where serious, but every single day there was an item posted. Fun and impressive, so for things like ‘follow Friday’ I hyped them up instead of myself, because they deserved for more people to see and enjoy their work. It was fun to comment with alternative uses of the items and discuss variants with them.
About a month ago, they tagged me with an invitation to show them one of my characters, and they’d design a magic item to go along with it. This resulted in the Scrubshrub Cloak for my character Camelia Mugwort, Halfling Ranger/Rogue. The best thing is that I’ve already gotten the OK of the DM of the game where I’ll be using the character to start out with the item in my possession!

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