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I still have this blog, so I thought I’d give you an update of recent goings-on — nothing spectacular though.

– My father turned 80 earlier this month. We had a bit of a low-key celebration, and the week after I took him to a store that specializes in low-vision aids. We came in with a very specific requirement (a magnifying lamp that could stand next to his comfy chair so he can read there), and basically within five minutes we had a solution that would work.
Reading is one of the few things my father has always enjoyed and can still do with the right equipment, so I’m really glad that I could help him out by chauffeuring him. It was fun to have some time with just the two of us too.

– A distant family member commented on Twitter that she was looking for people to play multi-player games with. We’ve been playing quite a bit of Dauntless together, which is great fun. Of course I have more experience in the game than her, and it’s been really fun to help her (and any other rando that’s just started out) get better at the game. And while one of the criticisms leveled at the game is that the gameplay isn’t very deep, and that suits me fine to be honest. You can just queue up a hunt, bash a few buttons for a few minutes — perfect dopamine trickle for me.

– I’m also in a weird low-energy period. Maybe it’s the weather or the season change, but I’m not that motivated to do much.

– Possibly related to that: work takes a lot of energy, as I’m still finding out all kinds of stuff and juggling multiple projects. But it’s really rewarding to work for a company where cost control is not the overriding concern — rather, the company has ambitious plans and the means to see them through. I’m still working from home (as is almost everyone else), and that works fine for me. The tea is a lot better here at home too. 😉

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