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#RPGaDAY 27: Favour

Day 27 of #RPGaDAY 2020. Today’s prompt is ‘Favour’.

Can I just say that I really appreciate that this series of prompts uses the UK English spelling, and not the American spelling? Because I do.

Favours are an interesting reward for characters, next to the usual reams of money, treasure and magical items. Favours are special because they do not have a direct mechanical effect, but can have a very powerful story effect! Imagine being able to call in a favour from the city guard, or an influential merchant — those can change the course of an adventure drastically.
I like it when a game has some kind of reputation system, with various groups or factions having an opinion on the characters and that affecting their interactions with the party. That doesn’t really translate to the murder-hobo style of gaming, but in “closed settings” such as Duskvol in Blades in the Dark or any other urban settings, it really makes sense to track this.

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