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#RPGaDAY 26: Strange

Day 26 of #RPGaDAY 2020. Today’s prompt is ‘Strange’.

If everything you encounter in an RPG session is mundane, why are you even playing? Because to me, the draw is to ‘experience’ (between quotes because in RPGs you experience things through your imagination) things that you would otherwise not experience. There’s this joke about a group of dragons playing ‘Offices & Accountants’, because that is about something that they are not. And there is truth in that: if I want to experience something ‘normal’ as myself, I’d just go do it.
The cool thing about RPGs is precisely that anything can happen, no matter how strange — though what we would consider ‘strange’ in our world could in fact be pretty mundane in the game world, such as magic. That sense of wonder and wanting to know what happens next is what keeps me coming back to RPGs.

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