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#RPGaDAY 22: Rare

Day 22 of #RPGaDAY 2020. Today’s prompt is ‘Rare’.

I’m not much of a collector of RPG books, and thus I don’t think my collection is that special nor does it contain many rare books. And if I own a book that is considered ‘rare’, this is probably because not many people were interested in the RPG in the first place because it just wasn’t that good…
That said, I’m quite pleased with the collection of Shadow World modules and adventures I have (almost all of them acquired through the auction of rupertdaily’s collection after his death). I don’t think they are especially rare, as they can be readily found on auction sites, and I’m pretty sure there are other collectors of those scenarios out there too — but I do not know of any.
Having everything of a certain product line has a certain appeal, but I don’t really want to own a lot of stuff anymore. There’s two lines I have all the books for, because they’re just so beautiful. I have everything of the first edition of The One Ring (the best Lord of the Rings RPG in my opinion), and as nothing will ever be produced for that edition, I have it all complete. And I have everything of the Tales from the Loop (and its sequel Things from the Flood), because the art is just so cool and evocative.

That being said, I think the rarest book in my collection is the ‘Great White Book’ edition of Nobilis that was put out by Hogshead Publishing. Back then it was the most expensive RPG book I ever bought, and it was a hefty chunk of cash. But I don’t regret it: it’s a beautiful book and such a cool game. It’s not a coincidence that I made a slipcase for that book!

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