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#RPGaDAY 13: Rest

Day 13 of #RPGaDAY 2020. Today’s prompt is ‘Rest’.

I love to GM a game: thinking on your feet, reacting to the endless creativity of the players and making sure that everyone has a great adventure, that’s the best. But it’s also hard work, and as an introverted person, I need to recharge after a session.
The worst thing about being a GM is that it is often assumed that you are also the manager for the whole group. So you have to all the rest as well: setting a schedule, making sure everyone knows when and how, choosing the technology used (for online games) etcetera is a lot of work. And that’s not so much of a problem when it’s all before the game starts (front-loading that effort so you can pace yourself), but having to do it while running the game is killing.
If you have to do that on top of running the game itself, it can become too much. I’ve burned out on games where I had to do everything — when it feels like the players are doing you a favour by showing up, it’s time to scuttle that game (and that group!) and look for something more rewarding.

So players should realise that they definitely have an interest in the load on the GM. GM’ing is a lot of work, so I always appreciate it a lot of a player takes care of the rest.

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