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#RPGaDAY 11: Stack

Day 11 of #RPGaDAY 2020. Today’s prompt is ‘Stack’.

I do not have a literal physical stack of books of games I want to play. There are very few books that are worth the expense to me these days: shipping costs are crazy, and my local gaming store carries only a slim selection of RPGs. And if most of your gaming is online (as it is for me), then it’s actually really convenient to have your gaming books in PDF format because you can convert the pages and artwork into images to use on your virtual tabletop!
That being said, I do have a stack of games I want to play. The order of the stack changes from time to time, depending on freshness, momentum and player availability. But it seems that the Root quickstart for Free RPG Day is on top: I’ve recruited some players and we’re starting to schedule some sessions. Really looking forward to that!

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