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#RPGaDAY 10: Want

Day 10 of #RPGaDAY 2020. Today’s prompt is ‘Want’.

There’s a lot of things I want. But mostly, I want to play interesting games with fun people. And the odd thing is that I don’t quite know what that looks like. I mean, I know which people I find fun to play with, but I have learned that I am a bad judge of what games will be interesting when brought to the table.
The best example is Blades in the Dark, about which I wrote three years ago. I was positive I would not enjoy a game of Blades in the Dark because of its bleakness.
And then a friend of mine brought it to the (virtual) table. And I’ll play in anything he wants to run for me, so I joined the group when offered. And it was so much fun and we got into so much crazy antics! I miss that game, the first ‘arc’ was wonderful.

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