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#RPGaDAY 8: Shade

Day 8 of #RPGaDAY 2020. Today’s prompt is ‘Shade’.

This prompt is probably meant in terms of ‘throwing shade’, but I’m not too much into that. So let’s talk about shadow, as it also ties back to the prompt of ‘forest’.
Darkness has always been interpreted as dangerous, because of our reliance on vision as our primary sense. It’s interesting that of all the D&D ancestries, only Halflings, Humans and Dragonborn do not have darkvision — the rest does. In RPGs, darkness is not necessarily dangerous, because most characters can see fine in total darkness!
Which is why it’s kind of weird that there are monsters in many settings that are based on shadow, like D&D’s Shadow or even Pokémon’s Marshadow. They’re often undead, restless spirits that hide in shadows — sometimes even the shadows of people. They hate the living and seek to feed on them or possess them to do some foul deed.
Most are not that frightening numbers-wise and you need a whole group of them to threaten a group of capable characters. But what having darkvision would mean you also don’t see the shadows? After all, dim light is as if it was brightly lit for characters with darkvision. Imagine playing the only character who doesn’t have darkvision, who has to call out the shots for the others because they can’t see the attacking shadows!

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