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#RPGaDAY 3: Thread

Day 2 of #RPGaDAY 2020. Today’s prompt is ‘Thread’.

I play a bit of play-by-forum over at RPGGeek — the facilities there, including the full-featured dice roller, make it easy. I tend to split the game into three parts: one GeekList for the character sheets, one thread for the out-of-character banter and rules questions, and one in-character thread. That last one tends to get ‘polluted’ with out-of-character rules questions and stuff, but that’s not too bad.
Yes, the speed is much lower than when playing through a videocall or face-to-face, but on the other hand it enables me to play with people in vastly different timezones. And being able to leisurely scroll back a few pages to see (for instance) who has drank the potion that will protect them against the monster’s poisonous bite is quite handy.

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