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#RPGaDAY 1: Beginning

It’s the beginning of August, which means that it’s once again time for #RPGaDAY! Every day there is a prompt in order to get people talking (or, in my case, writing) positive things about (tabletop) roleplaying games. You can find the list of prompt here in case you want to follow along!

Day #1: Beginning
I’ve had the privilege of introducing several people to RPGs — I really like to see the creativity and excitement build up during those first few sessions. There’s quite a few people who are interested in RPGs and who want to try it out, but the community is hard to find — if you don’t know anyone who plays RPGs, where do you even start? And unfortunately the community is sometimes not very welcoming to those they consider “outsiders” (more on that later…)
So when I have the opportunity, I enjoy running the first scenario for new players. In most cases, that means we’re playing Dungeons & Dragons, and that’s a bit of a pity. D&D is the undisputed market leader, so if you know how to play D&D it’s easy to find a group and support. But D&D also reinforces a certain mode of play, and that takes away a lot of the story-telling creativity that new players bring to the table. I think something with a lot less rules that puts more narrative responsibility at the player’s side would be better. Currently, my suggestions would be 6e, a very streamlined Apocalypse World Engine version of D&D for experienced gamemasters, and Quest for groups that are discovering RPGs together.

Another reason I’m not too fond of D&D as starting RPG is that players who start with that tend to only play D&D thereafter — but there are so many more great RPGs out there, it’s just a pity to limit yourself to only one.

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