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New job started

Last Wednesday I had the first day of my new job. Unfortunately it rained, so I went to the office by car instead of taking the bicycle. I had been there once before, to sign my contract (which was also the first time I met someone from my new employer face-to-face!), so I already knew a bit about the layout.
There were a few bumps in getting all set up: the laptop and access pass were waiting for me, but there was a snag with getting the SIM card for the phone, but that got resolved later on in the day.

It was a bit weird: the office was mostly empty, as people are still working mostly from home. My two direct colleagues had come to the office, but had to leave around noon — so I sat alone in a completely empty office. But there was enough to read on the intranet, so I wasn’t bored at all.
It’s exhausting to work again after six weeks of ‘inactivity’, especially in a new organisation, with a new product and new people. But it’s really interesting to look at all of the things happening with a fresh view — with a group of people who are interested in what I have to say about it.

Of course I posted about it on LinkedIn, and I got many heartwarming reactions from former colleagues who are really happy for me that I found another job so quickly.

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