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One more week

And suddenly, you realise with a shock that you only have one more week to be the lazy slob you have become after not working for six weeks, before your new job starts on July 1st! I had so many plans, and I did do some of them — but certainly not all.

There are three large software companies in Nijmegen, situated close to each other. I’ve worked at two of those, and I’m really pleased that I can continue to develop myself as a Product Manager at the third! I just can’t believe my luck, with a position that is such a good fit being open at this moment. The only drawback I can think of is that it’s about 300 meters further away from home… 😉
But I have no idea how it’s going to play out. The advice is still to work from home, and while I’ve been to their offices once (to sign the contract), I’ve only spoken to the people I’ll be working with most closely through a video call. I will have to come in on my first day to get all of the tech like laptop, SIM card, logins etc, but I don’t know if I’ll be sent home to work from there or not. And if I’m the only one in the office, that doesn’t really make sense either. I guess we’ll see: I’m going to receive a letter with instructions beforehand.

In the meantime, I’ve made good use of my training budget to polish up my skills. And in a sense it’s great that in-person trainings can’t be given right now, because there are now trainings I can participate in online that I otherwise not could have gotten! So far, I’ve gotten my PSPO certification — I really had to study for that one! It’s interesting: many organisations claim that they ‘do scrum’ (an ‘agile’ method for doing complex work (such as developing software)), but
I’ve also finished up the Launch module from Pragmatic Marketing — Pragmatic Marketing consists of six modules, three of which I already got during my trip to Cambridge in 2017. Those courses are rarely given in Europe, so I’m really pleased I could join an online course! It’s given over the course of two days: for the instructor it’s the morning, but for me it’s the afternoon/early evening. Works out very well, and I’m going to do their Market module early next week. Unfortunately, there was no time nor budget for the sixth module, that will have to wait.

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